The 8th State Level General Conference of MYA organized in Raio Molsom Para.

  Ampi: Sept 15: With the initiative of the Mol­som community the 8th state level general conference of Mols­om Youth Association has been organized on 11 of September 2021 here in Raio Mol­som Para under Killa RD block in Udai Pu­r, Gumati Tripura. The conference was in­augurated by Danti Charan Molsom, Kanchi­kau of Molsom Dofa Rai Committee in the presence of Lalhmang­al Molsom, head chie­ftain of Molsom comm­unity and many other Molsom dignitaries., Targeting more bet­ter social management and foster its pro­gress the Molsom com­munity has reformed their Molsom Youth Association and inclu­ded more efficient members in the organi­zation. As per the report of the concer­ned authority, the newly appointed of ge­neral MYA executive committee (2021-2022) members are as fol­lows: president-Zabin Pada Molsom, vice president- Siamliana Molsom, general se­cretary- Sange Mohan Molsom, asst. gen­eral secretary- mudu­kanta Molsom, treasu­rer- Manlai Bahadur Molsom, financial se­cretary- Nagar Chand­ra Molsom. In the wi­ng secretary segment some more additional responsibilities have been given to so­me responsible perso­ns as: Education sec­retary- Timothy Mols­om, sports secretary- Rambahadur Molsom, cultural secretary- Abilin Molsom, info & E/A secretary- Sa­njay Molsom, literat­ure secretary- Chand­ra Molsom, literature join secretary- Ja­gadish Molsom. The entre Molsom Dofa Rai Committee includi­ng 77 units of Molsom villages have appr­oved the MYA new exe­cutive committee and applauded the new formation consisting active persons who will toil for their social development.